Whom do you trust?

Kotak is a brand name and Nilesh Shah is well known. Heard a lot of his interviews on business channel. If these eminent personalities can do this, wonder why?

God Bless Retail Investors.

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The foremost knowledge what retail investors need educating about managing their own savings is this,

The first chapter of any financial education book should be, “The people out there in suit and boots under a financial service provider umbrella is there to grab your money by hook or crook, it is your own responsibility to educate yourself on how to exercise due diligence on how to protect it from these money grabbers.”

But his chapter is often skipped for the convenience of everyone involved.

The first objective of retail investor education should be on learning how to protect your savings from these money grabbers and not on how to get the best returns out of it.


Mutual funds are popular only because they offer tax benefit under 80C. Most of them under perform the Nifty.

Doing a SIP or a bear market investment on Nifty Bees than on a mutual fund may be a better way to engage with the market via the investment route. But ya you miss tax saving benefits.

Also truth is often not black and white. Its mostly grey in an online world.

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MF is not the best route for investments, its just the best for most! Read between the lines.

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Sip is a concept invented by fund managers to ensure regular income for themselves

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Once new tax regime becomes popular that 80c advantage is gone

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The new tax regime is not yet popular because you have to pay more tax under this scheme compared to the older scheme.

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Agree but in future it may be made more attractive by reducing tax rates or revising slabs. Around budget 2022 I read in ET that there are discussions in Government to make it more attractive compared to old regime

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Another one…

What I liked best was this

In a response to Moneycontrol query after the publication of the regulator’s order, a PGIM India Mutual Fund spokesperson said: “We strongly believe there has been no wrong doing. We are studying the order and will consider all options open to us.”

They are going to consider all options open to them… Wish they had considered all options open to investors…

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God Bless SIPpers.

I always advice people to do some research and invest it themselves. Even handpicking a dozen of stocks from Nifty 50 can perform well than these expertly managed MF Returns.

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IMO, people are quite dumb ,bought and crazy levels of herd mentality. In my mom’s office a guy from HDFC MF came in suit & boots and gave a very big lecture and presentation about investment, debt fund, balanced fund … basically said the same thing zerodha varsity MF section and persuaded them to buy or do SIP to their HDFC MF. She came and told me all this. I asked her to ask the gentleman two questions:-

  1. Did the MF beat nifty 50 index benchmark last year ?
  2. Fund manager background for past years and his performance for past 5 years whether he beat the nifty 50 index in any one of the year?

My mom gave me this answer after talking to him the next day.

  1. They didnt beat nifty 50 last year
  2. The guy has no idea about fund manager performance.

But my mom was like “let’s do SIP on this one, they have degrees and have experience in this feild. How can you just believe what you read in internet and varsity ? Buying nifty 50 ETF is a scam. Mutual fund is more secure. Lots of collagues and big managers have bought it”.

I literally had to threaten her saying I am gonna split my accounts and abandon her if she is gonna follow this stupid herd with blind faith and no assessment.

Imo I don’t mind investing in mutual fund paying expense ratio if they can beat index year by year. If they can’t beat index better to buy the index

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This is as real as it gets.

The hilarious part was

Does anyone remember ICICI securities IPO in 2018 when ICICI MF had bailed it out after it was a flop show. Eventually when SEBI frowned upon, they decided to return investor money and took the investment on their books.
This is what these Fund Managers do with SIP money.

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For this very reason I closed all my private bank accounts and switched to PSBs. Private bankers kept calling every now and then to sell SIPs/ULIPs. So I switched to Government banks as majority of banking work is done online these days so service is not a big issue anymore for me. Only one pvt Bank a/c with HDFC is left now and I plan to close that also very soon…
PSB employees never call up for any sales.

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Another fine on Kotak Bank from RBI… Wonder how Uday Kotak is taking all this. He is known for his integrity and truthfulness.

The fine gets charged to the Bank P&L, so who really cares ya…

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Even Rana Kapoor of Yes Bank was known for same qualities until the scandal broke out.

That hurts - Rana Kapoor with Uday Kotak…

I think it is unfair to compare a thief, swindler, cheat, burglar, embezzler, kleptomaniac, pilferer, despoiler, looter, pillager, plunderer, ran sacker, poacher, pirate, mugger

To Mr.Uday Kotak…

(He might get there soon, if things continue the way it is going…)

Disclaimer: I am Invested in Yes Bank and cannot exit as it is absolutely pointless exiting now at INR 12. The above angst is coming from there. Copied most of the words from Merriam Webstar Thesaurus.

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I respect Uday Kota, but I have neutral views about him

There is a perception of others about you, there is a perception of you about yourself and then there is the reality. All of it may not match. These are big banks. There are lot of people in these banks. It would be bit lame to credit or debit one guys integrity account when something happens.

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And I’m stuck in Kotak @ 1740.:grinning: