Wht basis daily choose a best share

Hi Bros on wht basis we shd choose a company share see i am office going i cant be in the front of system on wht basis I shd invest and put a target price and cut off price…

Open moneycontrol now (8.00 pm evening)
Read the news called “Trade Setup for Mon/Tue etc.”. It will always be there by now.
Also tomorrow morning search for stocks in news.
Short list the 5 stocks as per your choice/random.
Spend 30-40 minutes to do detailed TA of EoD.
Determine your position (Long/Short)
Login to terminal between 9.40 & 10 am.
Only watch your 5 short listed stocks.
Take a position if stock is moving in a proper direction.

Practice on chartmantra TA game.
Hail holy Bull.


Thank you very much for suggestion…

Use this