Wht will happen if somebody places 100 lots of crude at market price?

How much slippage will take place in market order?my friend is interested in commodities and so he wants to know

Crudeoil is highly liquid market…u may not see more than 0.10 to 0.20 paisa slippage as even if you dont see orders in depth winow,there are large number of orders hidden as next order.

By the way placing 100 lots on crude oil is more of gambling than trading…Not advisable to do.

Best luck.

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Just wanna know bro btw he would do around 8 -10 Lots

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FYI crude oil tick size is â‚ą1 for every movement.so how come slippage would be 0.20 paisa?


Lets say movement of 1 rupee.

Bravo .so the bid volume and ask volumes are the available contracts for trade am i right?

Yes atleast in india…you have high chance of execution.But volume could be bigger than it’s showing in depth.

there is no effect on market by trading 100 lot as u can see in market depth 100 to 200 lots are always available to trade at market price .i also trade around 30-40 lots at a time and never face a problem in order execution or any kind of liquidity issue.