Why algo???? Helpfull or not. With whom u have battle

Hey guys. Hows trading is going on. If good then why everyones is going good. I mean. Someones loss is someones profits ok?? We are enemy of each other. Practically??? As i loos u gain. Good. Now third one is entering in race algo. How. Now see when u see the nifty levels (for example) on ur trading platforms like 10859 and ur looking for 10860 as consideration. What guarnties u its a reel time value??? Lime cricket match if ur in stadium match is going on and same time u see TV set with so called LIVE are they running same? Absolutely not. Algos are same human gate late real value as far we are away from exchange. And micro level changes we cant find out. So the entry n exist Point will be different for algos n humans???

Hi @Tushar_Tajane ,
Coming to directly points

  1. Why everybody trading is going good
    : It’s a assumption you are making and its relative too. Some trader think that they are making money in delivery based trading but if you check they would be loosing money and conversely somebody would think they are making money in intraday but they may be loosing money in f&o.
    (General assumption ,80% traders loose money, not my statistics but markets)

  2. Entry of algo and human will be different

  3. Algo and human entry may not be different as algos are made by human and thier view about markets and Algos are just taking execution from human and doing it religiously.

Yes your point is very valid that we may not be watching real-time data and algo are sitting near the nse server and watching it real-time but remember that not all algo are profitable as cost of setting up also, server, leased line, data charges are very high and competition in the algo space has increased so much that it has become unviable for some broker to continue.

Hope I tried to a sweet your query to best of my ability

Wish you a very Happy New Year and Happy 2019 trading

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