Why are intra day positions not squared off immediately

Hello. I had an open position for which a square off order was placed. It got canceled by the system at 15.20.24. No issue with that as it is RMS policy and notified earlier. But the system squared off at 15.22.56 almost 2 minutes after the cancellation. The stock is SBIN and lakhs of shares would have been traded in these two minutes. What could be the reason for Zerodha not placing an order immediately after cancellation?

Was it a limit order? The one that got cancelled

Yes. It was a limit order because that was the expected price I expected. Sometimes the delay reduces the loss also! But my query was why does the system not square off the open position as soon as cancelling the limit order placed by the customer.

Auto square off process begin post pre auto square off run (this effects cancelling all the pending orders placed with leverage products in order book and blocking fresh orders with leverage products)

Square off process will begin in order with all the leverage products which may take time to settle all the outstanding positions held with leverage products.

You may avoid this situation by closing open position before auto square off process begin or initiate trades with NRML/CNC.

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