Why are there no market wizards from trading qna?

There are people here who claimed to have been in the markets for the last 5 -6 years, like @ronin_sha @anon99108009. 6 years is a long time, my question is why are you guys not in youtube or rich, like real rich.

Or are you just doing as such for the love of trading ?

@t7support @RoninBond2 shows cases huge profits now and then. @t7support likely mentioned that he has a job. So, if you guys earning so much, why do you need to go to work? @t7support claims trading is the easiest he has done. Hey, not pinpointing, but you are living the life? Right, then going for job. Doesn’t make any sense.

We trade create time :watch:.

Or tradingqna doesn’t have any real wizards. Just a bunch of market enthusiasts.

Just random thoughts.


love your random thoughts.

Yes, i have been in the markets, trading for more than 5 years. Am i rich? If you mean that kind of ferrari, lambo guys. Then, no, I am not.

Don’t I want to be rich? Hell, yes, why not. I sure want to buy a lambo in cash.

So, what the hell I am doing the last 5 and half years? Building hope, I guess.

I have lots of stupid years. More than 3 years. I still am stupid now. But I am losing less, and I am not offended anymore.

I sure ld like to show fat profits. It’s just that I don’t have.
I am sliding at my own pace. Sure is taking me a lot of time.

And ah yes, I am not a market wizard. But I feel a less stupid than I was 5 years ago.


Hmm, 1 down, 3 more to go. Thanks for your honesty.


:crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:
haha I’m glad you tagged me. In recent times, Youtube & all the other maggie noodles masala content is booming & Many amateur traders trying to portray as PRO’s is filthy comedy to me. Yes! I saw few punks bullshitting too much and unable to set their name in Wikipedia. That’s a achievement, Even small kid can open a youtube account. But getting a name in cloud wiki! That is really something worth!

Few years back, all these nonsense was unavailable. Let’s just ask one question to ourselves. (Honestly) I’m not sure about others. But to myself I do. Neither I know the moment of price (100%) nor do I have the secret to push the price to whatever direction & extent needed. But behaves like (I KNOW) when I really don’t. In entire 6 years, seriously never paid attention to these youtubers or any amateur punk’s contents. My ONLY book was (Zerodha’s Varsity) and took more than 80k different level of trades with some own (self) made formulas. On & average 40 trades per day.
My trading story is really big (6 years) yeah it is very big. About why not being rich? Or consistent? I have QUANTITY ISSUE AND ALWAYS USED LEVERAGE. ALWAYS! In this mean process I learned a bit & always have a stubbornness of catching every trade to be on my side. I’m okay with this. We all should define what RICH means? With money? With heart? With thinking? With living? With Being? It’s a complex topic you used (RICH) Besides, I always invested less than 1 lakh in portions. Never invested in BULK at once. I’m glad about this fortunate decision. I have bigger plans soon. I’ll definitely tag you guys & share here when things change. How can I forget the place I learn everything?!

But to answer this topic, it’s very lengthy subject. At the beginning, after taking the trade I use to be scared, today I don’t! I’ll stick to this market place forever. It’s not about my bank account getting filled or screwed up. It’s about sticking to business & committed to it with 100% quant data! (No fortune teller - only printing fortune)

Friend & 7 others pushed me to be here, everyone left. I’m alone right now.
Good thing is, it was very tough to see the profit trades or even green side on position page those beginning days. Today, I can make small portion of profits 100%. I’m extremely happy about this.

We can have a big discussion on this if we have 5+ gang. Google meets?


@ronin_sha The way you share those thoughts & wallpapers, Made me think you are “Professor” :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face:


glad to hear your story though tiny bit, I hope we can all relate to. We all have demons, even after years. The difference now is that the demon well kind of grew smaller or friendlier and doesn’t consume us anymore.

—Bella ciao


Hey @celina

  1. Am not in youtube because I don’t have any content or courses to share or teach. I have a super simple technical system that would need 2 minutes to explain. I don’t see how youtube can convince people that simplicity works.

  2. I hold a Masters in electronics engineering. I build industrial grade electronic products for a MNC. With the money I make there is enough to sleep with out worrying about day to day means to ends.

But am not liquid enough yet to feel financially free - The ability to spend and give without thinking how much will be left in the bank. This is why I trade the market. Over the years trading the market I can’t deny the fun I derive out of it either. I really miss the market when it is a holiday. Thats another reason to be in the market and trade it.

I reiterate trading is the easiest thing I have done to make money in my life. One day in the hopefully not too distant future you will find me trading full time for a living.


Would you care to give 2 minutes of your time here? Thanks in advance.

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Well that 2 minutes here would be easily seen as marketing. So DM me.

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I can surely say that if there are any wizards here they won’t reply to the thread unless they are selling their courses. So when this platforms allows promotion people will come flocking in but until then its just silence.

Those successful traders who started from scratch trading couldn’t have been the first job they did as they had to create wealth to create more wealth. So whatever education they got was their passion from childhood and hence they don’t want to give up on their passion just because they are financially free.
Also being financially free is a myth because when you accumulate xxx wealth you think why just stop here, lets set higher standards and make xxxxxx.
Only people supporting communism can stop working and others would still prefer to do what they doing before becoming successful trader.


Maybe there are some who don’t interact much or like the anonymity.

I know you have not asked for my opinion. But I just felt I should reply to some of the parts.

In my opinion, successful traders dont have a youtube channel. They make enough money in trading that they dont need to beg people to subscribe to their channel.
The ones who make money do not tell others how to do it. They make very less noise. You may definitely have a different view.

Clear definition of this word is missing. For some being rich is having 1cr and for somebody else 100cr.
Humna wants are unlimited and never satisfied.

Other parts of your post is directed to specific users and I will stay away.


Evidently, we are just learners.

If we are market wizards, the last thing I ll do is spent time here.


For a weird reason, Most of Indians have fetish with superstars or those who appear to be one.

Ordinary is boring. Slow and steady learning growth is boring.

You are thinking and answering on behalf of wizards which is ironic . I guess we may have to ask any “non existent wizard here” to say what he thinks he would do :slight_smile:

I’m sure many “wizards” might have had their share of learning phase after which they have become what they are right now. I also know many big traders who were/are part of communities like tqna n others.

There is an urgent need of vibrant communities as most of the traders/investors lack basic knowledge and I think both learners and wizards are doing what they can to help others and themselves.


Cease to learn and be ready to become obselete. To learn is why am here.

  1. I get a pulse of the trading community here.
  2. I get to know things like regulatory norms, market fundas here.

To take some you have to give some. So I do share whatever little I know about the stock market here. In short whether I make a few millions or few billions is not going to dictate whether I will be here or not.

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So you are only answering your question. Lol

I do not know about others but I am here to learn new things and be updated. And I can tell I have learnt a lot from fellow users. Sometimes I try solving others doubts which is in field.
When I say learn it has got nothing to do with the trading strategies. I just wanna be updated about the latest news, circulars, rules etc.


Fully agree. Me too learnt so many things from this forum. Few things which I thought was right were wrong and my knowledge has increased.


Interesting thoughts! Sometimes, not everyone has the same insight and objective as another and that is okay. There are many traders out there who feed on the thrill of the uncertainty in the market. It’s their passion that drives them so it doesn’t matter if they don’t want to teach others and become wizards. You can be part of the market for years and still make mistakes. Trading is a continuous process and it’s important to realise that not everyone has the same mindset. I rest my case.

Well, you have got a point to be precise. Being a trader for years does not mean you are supposed to be as rich as Elon Musk. We all are here to learn and expecting to earn from that. It is better to grow at our own pace and let’s not be a part of the rat race.

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Nithin has called his brother Nikhil Kamath one of the best trader he knows, which is pretty close to a market wizard. He used to manage zerodhas prop desk before they closed it. He recently started a AIF category 3 fund which is similar to a hedge fund, and manages 1000 crores as far as I remember. Nikhil has occasionally done some AMAs here. He isn’t very active because he is immensely busy most probably.