Why are there no market wizards from trading qna?

I really doubt it.

Nikhil kamat cheated in a charity chess game with the great Vishwanath Anand.

What do you expect from a person who cheats in a charity game.

He made a mistake, that is all. That is neither a character defining moment nor a skill defining moment.

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If I was a wizard, I wouldn’t be coming here. I’d be busy minting money from trading and enjoying my life with that money. Going out for movies, lunch/dinner at 5 star restaurants, exotic holidays and much more. And I’m sure all the market wizards must be busy doing same and don’t have time to come on these forums.


nice wishes. Hope, you get soon and pray for me too. In fact, we should begin a community named, if I was a wizard

we all love money and I sure would like lots. Then maybe when I have lots, I ll say, well money isn’t everything, How good that will sound!

Who is here trading and doesn’t love money?

Ya once we make more and more of money we will feel less value towards it. There are some things money can’t buy. But for all other things we need money :sweat_smile: unless ofcourse there are no material needs to meet.

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That is only after a threshold imo… Atleast after 10-15 cr
Otherwise money is so important. It can buy health and comfort for the sick too, dont forget that.

ya thats correct

Thanks for the sarcasm but looks like you interpreted my answer wrongly.
The question was why aren’t there any wizards on the forum and I was simply trying to say wizards will be busy making money and enjoying their lives and won’t have time to visit the forums

No, I understood perfectly and was not a sarcastic reply.

Hope, I am still your friend.

What really is a wizard. Someone who can make money with a wand?


maybe with a candle? a red belt and a green belt.

Tradingqna is great forum, discussions just like friends teasing each other :joy::joy:

Also lots of learnings :slight_smile:

@ronin_sha your autobiography needed.

Yours too.

I’m still digging downside. Someday, when favourable break out takes place, i will. @ronin_sha

I think everyone who enters the market with the idea of winning, has tried and continues to try to make profit to match their goals. Honestly, it takes a lot of time to get the kind of consistency a trader can be looking for. These years aren’t a waste, it’s a learning period, building growth.

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If one follows exellency, wealth have to come!