Why are you in the stock market?

When I started trading the goal was to make money. Then slowly I got detached from money and attached to a systematic process. Thereafter the process of loosing and then making money feels exhilarating.

How about you ? Why are you in the market ? It would be great to know.

  • Money - I want to make more and more
  • Passion - I love stock market
  • Fun - I enjoy the short term burst of pleasure
  • Friends - I’ am in because others around me are in

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Plain Old Addicted. I don’t trade for too long, I get withdrawals.

The Passion Hypothesis is a weak theory. We usually pick up 1-2 things, that we aren’t absolutely terrible in and do that enough times to make it a passion. One can’t be sure something is their actual passion until they have given due time to literally everything else. One could have had prodigious gifts in Paragliding or playing the Saxophone but not many have tried it, so they can never know for sure.

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This was by choice. I liked the way so many things affected the market, the economic race, politics, global issues, etc. and was very curious to know why what all happened, happens. I started reading, learning and then got into trading. Soon i realised that i could not let go off a stock very soon (weakness) and then planned and strategized to create a long term portfolio that looks good to my eyes and re -balance it whenever needed. Still working on it though.

Initially started to make money but then knowledge and passion took the baton.