Why Ashwini Gujral runs PMS and workshops (50k + gst) if he is earning 10L per day?

I was scrolling his tweeter page, he puts screenshots of 10L + profit almost every day.
One of his tweet claims that he earned 1 cr in 17 days.
He was doing PMS in bank nifty till now, started the same in Nifty also.
I can’t understand if someone is earning so much than why he should waste time in workshops and advisory (chillers against his profits)


He is not correct all time.
Rakesh jhunjhun wala and dolly khanna tips also get wrong some time.
If u watch cnbc awaaz and track his trading call then it works 50percent

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Instead of paying him try to buy delivery of share in 10 lots.
Example if you want to buy 100 share of Reliance industries then buy 10 qty in 10 times at different lower price difference of 20 each

I think you didn’t understand my question.
I mean if he earns 1 cr in less than one month then why he oragnizes workshops and all.

This is same like asking if SRK earns so much from films, then why does he dance at weddings, makes paid appearances, paid Instagram posts etc. etc. (chillars in comparison to what he earns from films)

Or if Mukesh Ambani is earning so much from his Oil businesses, then why is he getting into Retail, Telecom (chillar as of now in comparison to profits earned from oil business)

Or if IIM Raipur (my alum :wink: ) earns so much from their flagship PGP/MBA course, then why do weekend PGP-EX courses (chillars incomparison to fee from regular MBA course)

There are countless examples like these…


He is in business and not in home.

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because many pics are fake

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Basically he is a Service Provider (since long time). His trading figure (profits) and tweets are just marketing efforts to attract more students into his workshops. We don’t know the profit figures are genuine or fake. So primarily he is not a trader first. He is a Service Provider and will continue to conduct Workshops to earn money in future also.


Simple. It would cover his losses. Add a new parameter to the equation (Trading Profits - Trading losses + Training gains).



That is for charity . :slight_smile:

For regular income. :wink:

Follow his trades and you’ll realise why

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hahaha :joy:

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He gave yes bank sell call today morning on cnbc awaz for target of 350 and it goes to 385.
Ashwani gujral is not perfect all time

Hedging :grinning:


that’s easy to manipulate and that too without photoshop. It’s simple you hold 2 accounts in one you buy and in the other you do the opposite. post the screenshot of the 1 with profit.
You thinking about the brokerage part - that’s lower than advertisement cost you incur to promote those hefty subscription based services and workshops !!

If it were that easy, I wonder why everyone doesn’t just use 2 accounts; everyone would be profitable. #justsaying

Btw I have read his recent book on day trading and some of his insights are very good. Some of his calls may be wrong but many successful trader have more losing trades than winning trades, its about how successful one is in the winning trades. Not to mention risk management.

Also he’s recently tweeted that he will not be taking up any more workshops and that his September workshop will be the last.

Then how does he post ledger from a single account showing 1 crore profits over a period of 7 months? If he uses two accounts?

I am not supporting him, I am saying this is not the explanation.

And the explanation is quite simple, I dont know why people dont think that.

When it comes to money, never believe anyone. And anything is possible.


Please see if you can report him to SEBI or any other authorities.

He is clearly a fraud and has been exposed.

Please do not associate him with Zerodha.

He has been exposed many times by other youtubers.

Hope some action will be taken.
Tomorrow it could be your reputation on the line.

Is it legally allowed for Z to confirm that ledger/trade details posted are true or edited?