Why can't I quickly exit a position from the positions directly?

Why can’t I quickly exit a position from the positions directly ?
Why should I go to order, look for the order and exit ?

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You can, right?

no he cant, thats why he posted for help

I think you mean BO/CO orders? I think we should be able to exit from Positions page since the order has to be exited in whole anyways. Any reason why this isn’t so?

Yes Bo/co orders. Even other orders may be the same but not sure.
We get a message saying you must exit the order from order book & get redirected to order page. Now, you will loose few seconds & your profit may go down & loss may increase.

I think they have explained the reason of that in the Zerodha video on BO/CO

Can you check it

I guess they have told it has to be exited from order book but not explained why we can’t. Anyways will check. If anyone has checked plz update why we can’t. Otherwise @zerodhateam can update us please.

I think this feature needs to be there in the Positions page. I mean this is really needed. For all order types esp BO. Because its helpful and convenient many a times to be able to just exit the positions immediately right from the Positions page other than to be redirected to the Orders page and then exit.

Many a times this is hassle esp amidst the heat of the market when you have a position going and you need to exit it immediately right away at once.

Another feature which is also very much needed and which have been asked many a times before is the ability to modify multiple orders of the same stocks/position at once from the Orders page. Esp in BO when the positions gets filled in multiple chunks, its really a pain ( in you know where :smiley: ) to modify each and every bits of the orders manually one by one and get them correct.

Sometimes its gets so chunked up that it just messes up with the emotions as anger and frustration easily shoots up in having to modify the same order part by part.

So it would be really really convenient to just modify the order chunks for example the stop or the target limit by selecting them all and modifying them from a single dialog.


@nithin one more to go to your to-do list ? Please. may be on very top :wink:

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