Why cant we buy in one exchange and sell in another in delivery?

I have bought shares in NSE for doing BTST. Pi doesnot allow to sell the shares in BSE citing “check your holding”. Please help.

Exchange will not allow to do that in Indian markets, you can sell in different exchange only once it is delivered to your DP.

Check this answer. 

Let me give you a real life example. You have a bank account, you have deposited a cheque given by your friend in one bank account. Can you before the cheque has realized transfer the money to someone else? What if your friends cheque bounces?  

Assume this friend who has give you a cheque is NSE and the friend you are transferring money to is BSE. And assume it is not money but stocks. 

Even doing BTST on NSE also has its own risk of short delivery, check this. 

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It is not restricted by exchange. It is restricted by pi soft. Bcos in other broking firms, clients are allowed to do that.
too many restriction in Pi is making difficult to trade

But b this logic, you should restrict BTST in the same segment too. We can be penalised/get into short delivery even if I buy in nse and sell in nse.
NSE and BSE are two different markets. If btst is allowed in the same segment, then i guess it must not be a problem for intra-exchange trade. Both carries the same risk of short delivery.


My main point is that I miss the opportunity to Arbitrage from the stocks i have held. Though small,but still it gives extra profits.

If you are holding stocks, yeah of course you can sell them on one exchange and buy them on another. What you cannot do is, assuming you have no holdings, you can’t randomly just buy on one exchange and sell on another.

But even that is restricted in Pi. I was holding a stock and wanted to do BTST in it, but that was not executed and got rejected.