Why Dark Theme & Black Mode together in Kite App

Why there are options like “Dark Theme” & “Black Mode” in Kite Mobile App when either one can very much take care the needs of a user?

Instead a theme like “Sepia” Or “Teal Green” (like Amazon Kindle app) will be more meaningful.
@siva @nithin

We will be having only one going further.

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Black mode is better than the dark mode.

My Kite Mobile has gone so blank since last week that i am unable to understand whether its blank Mode, Black Mode or Dark Mode ?? :joy: And the tech team still struggling to get me out of this Mode since more than a week. Ticket pe Ticket has been created with all screen shots. Lets c when i get rid off this all.

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This has happened to few specific samsung phones, has to do with new android os update, meanwhile one can use old version of app.

@siva In that case please keep the latest release “Black Mode” which is not only soothing to the eyes but also serves the purpose of dark theme very much.


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