Why did Bank Nifty reacted the way it did today, Wednesday, 25th October 2017?

Is this something that happens randomly? Am a newbie, so this might be a dumb question. So I’d appreciate your time. Thanks

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Tanuj there was a big news of recapitalization of PSU banks. If you are trading you should not miss out on such big news. :slight_smile:

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Hi @zutshi Recapitaization was for PSU banks. Why Private banks like ICICI & AXIS were up…?? It doesn’t make sense.

That even expert analysts have failed to understand :smiley:. Any ways such news triggers the whole sector itself.

Axis bank was already down by 50 points due to Q2 results. May be there where many buys at this low price.

Is there a single feed where I could subscribe to read everything related to Trading or do I have to go to each news article and try make sense of it, that which news impacts which sector or symbols.

If it is the latter, then so be it.
Thanks @zutshi, I’ll try to do that.

Sbi gained today on the news of recapitalization and at the same time south India bank went down!

You can try spending few minutes everyday on http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/

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Great, will do that. Thanks