Why Different Trading Accounts provider charged Diffrent Stamp Duty Rate on a Same equity trade, For example Indiabulls charged 0. 002% on Escorts shares, where as Zerodha charges 0. 01%, why?

Is Stamp duty rate depens on Account Provider Address or is depends on Account Holder Address

Gaurav, this is a greay area. But all the state governments have now made it clear that it has to be as per the account holders address. So if you are a client trading in Maharashtra the stamp is 0.002% whereas if you are in Karnatka it is 0.01% (but Karnataka gives you a benefit that maximum stamp per contract note is Rs 50). So irrespective of how much you trade, you pay only Rs 50 per day. Check this: http://zerodha.com/charge-list has stamp duty for various states.

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I dont think you will be able to get that benefit, you will be charged according to your state stamp rates. Zerodha should also be updating it very soon.

Sir i am living in ghaziabad (U.P.) my permanent address is also the same, as per your ans My Stamp Duty Rate is 0.01% but only zerodha charged that rate, In my Indiabulls contract Note the Rate of duty is 0.002%.( can i get the Benefit of Rs. 50/- per contract note as per U.P. Stamp Act or not because as per the link attached by you the rate of stamp duty in Karnataka & Other States 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day

Gaurav from next month (May 1st week), we will start charging all our UP clients as per the UP stamp rate.

what is the stamp duty for bihar, Its not here in the link you provided?