Why do charts (studies) get suddenly removed from Kite and how to get them back?


Why do charts (studies) get suddenly removed from Kite and how to get them back?


if it happens when you pop-out charts
in charts after setting studies go to layout and save preferences
or go to view and save your studies, for changing studies and using the previous again


After saving chart studies in preferences, after saving layout , again chart studies goes off what to do ? or after some days it disappears , can you please give some solution for that ?


bro, can see them on view after saving them, let me send you a screenshot of my system, where i have saved studies for over a month


don’t try saving studies on pop-out chart, do it inside and save the preferences after saving view
try this, it solved my problem


Thank you , i tried both , it happened in last month also , now again today , trendline setting disappeared :grinning:


Step 1: Do all your setups in Existing Chart.
Step 2: Click on + icon(Save View).
Step 3: Name the View.

You are Done and you can access your new setup chart with the Newly saved view.


Thank you my dear friend , for your kind reply :slightly_smiling_face:


In kite only chart studies are saved. No drawings can be saved in kite hence u have to do all the exercise again & again.
Earlier we could save & share the chart as an image. Even this option is all removed from kite. :smirk:


I had saved the charts that way but still once a month or so all the charts get removed and I need to manually add them again. Not a big problem but just wanted to know if there is something I can do to avoid this :slight_smile:


Drawings are saved for latest 10 charts at a time, on different 11th chart if drawing is added, drawing from 1st chart will be erased, it follow FIFO method, but at a time drawings on 10 different charts will be saved.


So what can be the possible solution for this prob …I mean it sucks it is draining my time …what to do…???