Why do range bars dissapear after they have been printed?

I have noticed that in realtime after a range bar has been printed, sometimes it dissapears. Why is this happening.

Range bars can’t be considered printed unless a new bar start forming. So yeah it is possible that a range bar might seem printed but it actually isn’t, so it might disappear after forming.

Yes on Pi it will change soon as when you change time frame the renko size changes automatically. We will give an option to enter custom size for renko soon. On kite it works correctly

Dear Nithin,
Please check, on Kite also same problem occurs when changing renko charts time frame.
for eg: feb 01 16, adaniports,
renko setting of 0.5,
when on 60 min time frame it shows 19 continuous green boxes.
when on 1 min time frame it shows 9 green boxes - 1 red box - 7 green boxes - 2 red boxes - 4 green - 4 red -4 green - 1 red-4 green - 2 red - 1 green - 1 red - 1 green.
this happens in all stocks.
I have spoken to your support team and they too have no clue why this is happening.
Another issue in renko is that even after hitting the desired amount of size specified (eg 0.5) the bars sometimes don’t print and continue going up and down, eventually showing up a bar of the opposite colour.

Dear Sir, Range Bars on Kite (Desktop) when formed fully, start reversing when the price goes opposite side. Yesterday I noticed that many bars were fully forming nice ,but after a moment started vanishing from the chart when the price went opposite side. I am a novice trader whomaybe setting these wrong. Please help.

Can check this, the same explanation goes for Range bars as well.

but once its formed and the next bar is in progress , should the current bars movement affect the previous already printed bars