Why do share fall even if good result

Why do share price fall despite positive result and there nothing bad news about stock .
Example federal bank.
It’s not the first time last time also same happed during March quarter

Because it doubled October to July

and 30% up March to July


Stock movement will be based on future expectations, current results are already discounted in share prices. Future guidance is the one which drive prices.


All is operator game.
Big money moves the prices.
Recent example, uberly bullish stocks Bajaj twins fell from the highs like there is no tommorrow. Huge long unwinding followed by short buildup by smart money.
Retailers got slapped.


Thank you guys .

A Day Trader or a Investor in nse market should note that Stock movement will be based on future expectation of that particular company. Current good results of a company do not effect the stock price movement. Only if the results are bad, stock is likely to fall further.

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