Why does the IPO listed does not show up in search as soon as it gets listed in kite?

Recently HDFC life IPO got listed and i was tempted to buy it but i searched for almost 2-3 hrs on kite but it did not show it is search list to add to market watch so that i can buy.

Hmm, I guess this is because all stocks on Kite marketwatch are picked from the instrument master stored in the browser cache. But the newly listed IPO share may not have been added to this file while you were searching for it. In such a case, you need to hard refresh Kite Web with a Ctrl + Shift + R and the master file gets updated to the latest list. More on this link.

Thanks for the reply. Will surely look into it. I mostly use kite app rather than website. So will try app method and check once future supply gets listed.

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Sure, follow these steps for the app in case you are unable to load the stock on marketwatch on listing day.