Why does the P&L in the Positions page fluctuate even after my holdings are sold in CNC?


Yes, Absolutely right.
This Trade will be treated as an Intraday Trade.


I bought some shares yesterday and now when I exit from the holdings I have one open position in “positions” window on kite. Shouldn’t it be closed and not appear on “positions” window? Do I have to buy again to close this positions?


No! you don’t need to buy those shares back if you’ve sold in CNC.
Ignore the Open position for that scrip.



I had few WELCORP shares since month which i sold today . But when i sold them today they are shown in my position as negative

what to do now?

also in executed order it is showing complete


Do nothing!
Your Holding shares are sold now and order is complete.


thanks , I thought it is in short sell now. Is it confusing to show this in position tab and it shows loss everytime stock changes ?


Some traders prefer to sell their holdings to get extra margin for other intraday trades and once they are done with it, they buy back those shares. You can completely ignore the changing P&L if you do not wish to buy back.


Why some wipro shares I bought yesterday and sold today as CNC still showing in open position with negative quantity?


The P&L fluctuates even after you sell your holdings.
Some people prefer to buy those shares back resulting an intraday trade.
If you do not wish to buy them back, ignore the positions page.


I think zerodha should do something about this page.It creates lot of confusion among the users.


HI, I sold CNC stock today & it’s showing negative position. I understand from how it works from above discussions. But why quantity sold is not deducted from my holdings yet?


It will look as NA and you won’t see it on the next day.


OK. Thanks @mac76. It’s shown NA now.


what should i do to sell my holdings? it shows new negative position. am i making losses? im getting panic. please help!! please explain in detail. i just want to sell my holdings thats it but it show negative that is in loss. please help. as am new i dont know much and im getting scared as it shows loss or negative again in positions.


When you sell holdings, it goes to Positions and then it shows P/L based on further move.

Example - Today I sold 1000 RCOM at 19 price, it went to 19.30 after my selling, now it shows 300 loss in Positions.

But that loss is notional and doesnt impact you.

They show that only because you have the option to AGAIN BUY BACK the share within same day. If you do that, then only that loss is realized.

Otherwise you just ignore the Positions page for that stock.

I know it is irritating to see stokc you sold then it goes up and it shows as “loss”, but dont worry its actually MISSED PROFIT, but not EXTRA LOSS for you.


Yesterday, I placed an After market offer for ABB. Now, I have no stock of ABB available in Demat account of ABB. Why it is still showing up in positions with P&L besides it ?


Can you please answer this
I have 100 stocks of pc jewellers since 10 days, which i bought at 56.25 rs. When it start going down from 98, I sell those stock at 92 rs. It goes into position tab where profit and loss is fluctuating with almost 1200rs profit because share went down more. So if i buy this share back will i get the profit of 1200 rs. What price it buyback the stocks again old price or current
Or for getting this profit i need to convert it into MIS. and what if i convert cnc position into mis. Thus it will get square of automatically.
I get confused because same thing i did in tata motor stock where i buyback the stocks at higher price and i face loss of 264.

Please explain with example if possible