Why does zerodha don't provide trailing stop orders for swing trading

Hello team

Why is there no option to trail stops for swing traders

I mean I follow a method where I need to trail the stops frequently but it’s a swing trading methodology

Could you tell me how can I do it . Or is there a way I can do it with out manual intervention

By Swing Trading, I assume you mean holding some positions overnight. In which case the exchanges themselves purges/deletes all the orders each and every day after the market closes. So on the next day you’ve gotta place those orders again and again as long as those positions are opened. Zerodha can’t really do anything about this , you see. Its them exchanges which have this inefficiency you know.

Zerodha can only provide a tool/system to collect all the pending orders like Stops loss, Targets, trailing stops, etc save them in their backing database after the market closes and then again place them the next day on behalf of the client. But this is not that simple as said and the exchange may not approve this too. Who knows ? Lol…

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icicidirect / other brokers have this feature called as cloud order since long time. i wonder why zerodha doesn’t implement this as several requests have been raised

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because they are too busy making cosmetic changes to their products.

Once those are done. May be your wish will be granted.

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i know trick for stoploss … i am too a swing trader… u may use virtual stoploss for this…

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they are still in 90s

Providing this feature is in our list of things to do but due to some limitations from our vendor it is getting delayed, we are working on this, likely in coming months it should be available.

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@siva bhai please jaldi la Yaar… kasam khata hoon mere kai relatives zerodha Mein shift ho jayenge… appka free Mein pramotion kar dunga Yaar… please jaldi