Why does Zerodha not allow to short more than 260 scrips in day trade?

I would like to suggest Zerodha to increase the number of stocks on which you provide margin or mention it on your homepage that only 260 stocks are allowed to short in intraday trade.I opened my trading account in zerodha believing that I would get all the stocks to trade in intraday. Limiting the number of stocks on which you provide margin decreases my chances for profitable trades.

It is getting difficult to trade since stocks such as Pipavav Defence, Reliance Industrial Infrastructure are blocked while shorting, by the RMS.

Why you should provide margin for every stock ?

a. I put my stop losses on every trade, so you can provide margin on every stock for which there is a cover order/bracket order.

b. Stocks already have circuits so you can at least provide margin for stocks calculating the circuit limit.

You can write to [email protected] and suggest to give margins for scrips like above and subject to their RMS team discretion if possible they will allow.

Go through the below link for more answers.


Till I write and send them , the stock price will change and I may loose my chance of executing my trade.