Why doesn't Zerodha allow intraday trading in a huge number of stocks? Is this the samein othertrading platforms too?

Kindly refer this link on Zerodha website:


which says:

MIS (1x) allowed on all stocks except for those on this list (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-T6RlEE8Gn2fioep_Cmdx9ECRX_WpQbfJJfsU8PdOV8/edit#gid=0)

Why is this so? Please do not say having enough funds is the answer because this list of intraday trading disallowed stocks exists in and of itself. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Hi @Rohit23
Zerodha allows the leverages mentioned on the list it because the stocks which have not listed for leverage may have poor performance stock, ZERODHA doesn’t want to Risk either to a client or to itself. Happy Trading.

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Zerodha should indeed offer leverage of 40X for all stocks if BO/CO is used.
Its my suggestion / feedback.