Why doesn't Zerodha introduce Trading Profiles under one Demat?

I’ve been a very recent investor who joined zerodha in May and after some initial dabbling on short term trades, settled on long term investments :relieved:
But recently I wanted to do some short term trading and wanted to trade in some stocks which were already in my long term portfolio so I wanted another account so as to not be confused with my main portfolio. I thought there was an option to start another demat account with Zerodha with my same PAN but alas there was not an option for that.
After much thinking and searching on youtube, I took a decision out of no choice to start an account with another discount broker for the aforementioned short term positional trades. But the option I tried was so bad and in comparison with zerodha, it doesn’t stand a chance with the UI speed and functionality. I have decided to risk confusion than wasting my time and money in any other app :slight_smile:

But I have a sincrere request to make if it is possible in Zerodha. Why can’t there be an option to create different profiles in Zerodha for eg. like in Netflix for different user purposes so as the same user can create a profile for long term investments, short term investments and so on. Let the console be the same but atleast when looking at the total p&l and the funds part, there wont be any heart attacks :smile:
Do consider this feature optionality if its possible to add. Also can any one explain why is there a rule like only one account can be created with zerodha with the same pan?

are there no one interested from zerodha for this small suggestion or can someone explain why can’t this be implemented? @nithin

Hey @Tony_Davis SEBI doesn’t allow same broker to open two trading accounts for the same PAN. Best bet would be to open it in family members name.

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You can alternatively do the following, pledge the stocks you want to hold for long term and take fresh positions for trading on the same account.

my long portfolio mainly has mid/smallcaps which don’t qualify for pledging with zerodha. anyways will adjust with this as of now.