Why don't zerodha print a book instead a VARSITY pdf

Plz make a book instead of VARSITY pdf and sell on Amazon.in at minimum MRP. Reading from book would have been lot easier.


I have been thinking the same. Or may be give one Free, when opening a new trading account with Zerodha. Some Traders might find it really useful.


Advantages of having an online blog is that they can update based on the market conditions and technological advancement (which is a drawback in printed formats. You can’t update, and that’s why publishers keep publishing new versions of it). You must have noticed the recent changes in taxation modules.

Varsity is most helpful in the interactive manner people ask specific questions to specific modules, which keeps it to the point and not vague!

You can access it from any where in the world and device you want!

I hope you have noticed that you can download a PDF and print it if you wish to read it on paper :wink:


"download a PDF and print it if you wish to read it on paper"
Now this is then one solution left :slight_smile:


I have already printed and read both ta and fa books in depth 2 times



Could anyone please drop PDF as attachment here module 6 onwards, as the link to download is blocked on my network.
Thanks in advance!

But not module 11 n 12th man