Why I am not able to add NIFTY Index under market watch screen

I use Kite to trade in NFO segment. Recenty I have noticed that I am not able to add NIFTY Index (NIFTY 50) under market watch section. There is no place in Kite from where one can see the overall market situation.

By default it opens dashboard, there are other option available but all are related to person’s holding, open position etc. There is nothing where we can see overall market situation. The pulse looks over crowded.

There is no ticker as well anywhere in Kite.
Let me know how can I add NIFTY Index under marketwatch.

Hi Kailash,

Please type indices in a search window. find the below screenshot

Yeah I got it!

Thanks for the prompt reply.

How to check banknifty indices in Zerodha?

Above it shows right, it is nifty bank.