Why i get share at higher price than Martket price of the share when i place order in Market?

I try to purchase GTLinfra share when its market price is showing 0.20 but i get the lot in 0.25 even after this its price is showing 0.20 and when i try to sell this at 0.25 then my lot sells in 0.20 even after its price is 0.25 in market. Why did this happen?

Its called market slippage

As @traderight.co said, it’s called slippage effect. It happens when you use Market orders.

Also it is not necessary that you will get a higher price than market price, but there are situations when you get lower price as well. For example, I placed an AMO order on MOTHERSUMI at 57.20 (market price) couple of weeks back. But I got it for 56.80, which means 0.40 profit per share for me.

so what do i do to purchase it at exactly 0.20 and sell it at .25? because Limit order is not fulfilling.

not possible 100% of the time, a fact traders have to accept