Why intraday is not suitable for retail investor my exp

Let me directly share my experience.

I did 2 intraday with minimal loss if 500 rupees in each session earlier.

I made up my mind not to do intraday anymore but after giving a third trial. On 14th June evening many analyst talked about how TCS will jump on 15 th June due to buyback updates.

Tcs closed as 1787 on 14th June

I decided to buy 25 shares to test if intraday trial for third time

As all were very positive i entered at 15 June 9 16 am when nifty index and TCS both were in positive

Now TCS showed around 1803 when i submitted but when i executed i had to buy for 1809. That’s it. After i bought it started coming down . I had guts to wait but after an hour when i saw no recovery sign i exited around best possible loss of 1804.5 around a loss of just rs 108 .

Then also monitored the stock closely but it never crossed 1805

Around 2 45 pm i got a tip from broker website which asked to enter again at 1800 level.

I was in front of computer but this time i was cautious of sudden rally and hence put a limit of 1815 for buy order

My guess was right . in a hurry burry TCS already touched 1839 within 5 min too less a time. But luckily my buy order did not execute. It closed around 1840

Now i did not keep the original morning order alive because it dipped and did not recover

It could have closed with 1800 levels also. Who can predict that just 40 min before close bell it will jump again? And it is not advisable to sit with loss for auto square off

At 2 45 pm second re entry also did not work out as the tick went high very fast.

But walking with total loss of rs 1100 in 3 sessions was safer means to learn this lesson.


Intraday is not for humans! Its for machines!

Hi @ksksat,

Intraday trading is not for everybody and probably your experience highlights this more than anything.

Reading through your anecdote though, I see some fundamental problems the way you approached intraday. Let me give some advice based on my experience in this field:

  1. Reliance on others (TV analysts, brokers etc.) is sure shot way of losing money. Never take or leave a trade on someone’s advice. Do your own research and stick to what you know.

  2. Lack of strategy: Why were you going to take the trade? Did you back test that strategy? Without a strategy, a trader is just wandering in the dark.

  3. Law of Small Numbers There is a tendency in us to generalize from small amounts of data. The reality is that a single trade means nothing in intraday. In fact, even hundred trades mean nothing. A trader makes money when his/her strategy consistently works over a period of months and years.

My intention is not to discount or belittle your experience. In fact, I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share with the other traders.

I just wanted to share the psychological biases traders have while trading intraday.

-Neha (vrdnation.com)


Not that , the one aspect i wanted to elaborate is that in my case the broker analysts all predictions were right but still i booked loss bcos when the timing of their entry exit was not clear

Its simple why intraday is not suitable for retail investor

First thing retail investor always takes a quantity higher than they can handle, I definitely do it and I am sure most do

Now there is definitely some price manipulation and fraud involved, that is for sure. If TCS has to go up in afternoon, operators will drag price down in morning session, to hit stop losses and to make people sell their stocks

Now if your quantity was lower (as per your trading capital), you would have held for longer time and maybe participated in afternoon rally

At the end of the day, intra day is driven by greed, and a greedy person will always trade big qty and hence their time horizon (even within the day) will become very less as they cant handle more volatility

So since stock markets are random in short term, mostly you will make loss and exit either with stop loss or manually. If you see green there, you will keep waiting you will not book profit, then suddenly position goes to zero and then red.


Yes sir. My case was bit different. I had very less trade value just 45000. I just wanted to make 500 rs profit.

Issue is when in morning price came down i squared off as i had personal work and could not stay in front of computer

I also did not want to leave the open position and go for shopping

Driven by excessive fear is my problem. Greed is no but lot of fear and what if

Then i realized intraday will not work for me

Learnt this with rs 1200 in total. Thanking god for the same

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Easier said than done.

Intraday Trading is like a dopamine shot ,once you get that taste of it, its very difficult to come out of it.

And if someone is that disciplined not to try it again, that little amount of self discipline is sufficient to make a successful trader out of them.


Also today he told he just wanted to make 500 rs profit

If he made such profit 2-3 times, I am sure his aim would increase with time hahaha

Very rare humans can have discipline when it comes to intraday

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But luckily God showed the door and did not allow that 500 rupees profit . having tasted bitterness i will not yield to more losses

Had i tasted beginners luck i would have made more bets

Yes thats the worst thing that can happen

I made big profits in my first few days in intraday, later i increased quantity and made bigger losses.


you are not only smart but wise to quit intraday trading.

Most newbies have no idea that 80% of time markets dont move and all you are doing in that time is filling in brokers and govt pockets.

The rest of 20% is when the market do move , but you to guess the direction right, which again has no better probability than a simple coin toss.

Rarely do newbie traders accept the realities of probabilities in trading, but trade more on hope.

Good on you.


Thanks trade dude and all…

You have perfectly told the same thing happened with me…lost more than 10 Lacs.Intradays doesn’t suit retail traders like us…when it’s in profilt ,we don’t book.hoping it will go up n in downards we believe it will again reach to our price so that we can square off with zero loss.

Intraday in equity? It’s always a big ‘NO’ kind of thing since most of the counters are manipulated. As a retail investor, we can’t stand their test.

From your description, it’s very clear that you did it without any strategy of your own regarding entry/exit. You relied too much on advisor. They can give you idea but not exact time of its execute.

This is what happens for day traders

For intraday trading need not to follow entire market just select few scripts and also same time have to that stock complete technical details like 5,20,30,50,100,200 days SMA&EMA & Average trading volumes, candlestick canalization

Intraday Trading is hard to understand. It need lots of technical and fundamental knowledge. So if you are confident about your strategies and defined timeframe, you can win everyday!

Why intraday is not suitable for retail Traders?

  1. Retail Traders are Biggest Fool.
  2. Retail Traders don’t do their own Home work.
  3. Retail Traders follow Their So called Expert’s on Business News Channel.
  4. Retail Traders always wants some Tips for BUY & SELL they don’t wanna do anything on their own.
  5. Retail Traders don’t understand how market works and Majority of them will never gonna understand.
  6. Retail Traders wants Quick Money which is not possible.
  7. They dream of getting Rich Overnight Which will never happen.
  8. Retail Traders don’t understand that it’s a Long Running process. You have to be consistent not gambler.

I can go on…

There is only one guarantee in stock market, you will loose more no. Of times than win.
All these brokers giving fancy leverages, gadgets is just a gimmick to lure easy money.

Are you one of them?