Why intraday trading is a big curse in trading?

Kindly give explanation about why intraday trading is a big curse in trading and every people who follows intraday trading becomes mentally, financially and physically weak…
Why billionaires become beggars?
Why people couldn’t shine in it ?
Why people loss all their hard lifetime earned trading money in one day ?
Should we be 99% accurate in intraday trading to shine in it ?
Last but not the least, did anyone shined in intraday trading, any big names is there who did well in intraday trading ?

Ashwani Gujral does very well in intraday trading

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Thanks a lot, did he faced losses initially in intraday trading as a beginner,
Within a week of intraday trading I am fed up a lot…

There are individual traders who make money from daytrading. But an average joe don’t get an opportunity to interact with them in everyday life. They are not accessible for interaction. Probably even their neighbors don’t know what they are up to. They are not sociable, the ones that comes out into daylight prefer to maintain a low profile. For eg, look at the 2 successful daytrader’s on the learnapp platform team managed to dig out, they prefer to maintain their privacy even on a social platform. They think differently than a normal person. A trader need to be different in the way they think and act to be successful trader.

This is a point where many people are still not willing to agree. There is an element of LUCK to be a successful trader. Technical expertise with an element of luck is essential to outperform the rest of the crowd.

It comes again to the Luck factor. When your destined good time is up, its all over. Its important to understand this and wash your hands of daytrading, when you get the feeling the kala chakra is now against you.

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Do they too would have lost a lot in initial stages, how did they controlled their mindset after going that much down and jumped back to the top.

In one of the interviews done here on the platform by Baradwaj, 3 years is the maximum cut-off time.

Even if a DayTrader is Lucky, this macro and micro market awareness is acquired during this time.

People in the film industry are already aware and accept the luck factor. Talent + Luck = Superstar.

In Daytrading = Talent ( Technical Expertise ) + Luck = Successful Daytrader.


Cut off time means

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I’m also a newbie, I have been trading in small quantities over the last 4 months. I feel my biggest problem with intraday trading is human emotions. 4 out of my 5 trades are profitable but 5th trade comes and wipes out all the profit and sets me in negative. And repeat. That’s because I’m too much of an optimist. When a trade goes into negative I just sit and hope that the trend reverses and I end up with a big loss more often than not.

The only way to be a profitable trader is automation. It takes several months to code, backtest and deploy an automated system but at least it takes emotions (which is 90% of the problem) out of the picture.

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ill-informed freshers who throng the market wanting to strike it big in day trading without going through any rigorous conditioning in any other form of trading/investing are a curse to the stock market. I had explained in the topic created for me that people have to spend millions and atleast 2 + 4 years before they become engineers,doctors,architects,lawyers and what not BUT when it comes to trading, they feel it doesnt require any prior education,internship and the like!

@prakash1975 is right that successful traders mostly do not even disclose to their neighbors what they do 'cos over the past few decades lakhs of people who TRIED to earn from trading without giving the market and the profession the respect and commitment it deserved rightly burnt their fingers and their capital within no time. Having failed so due to their own ignorance & foolishness they started spreading word to whomever they are in touch with that trading is risky, trading is gambling, trading makes bikaaris out of crorepatis and the like :slight_smile:

I have also spoken about the above in LearnApp the just launched highly affordable offering (https://zerodha.com/z-connect/traders-zone/introducing-learnapp)



great msg, ur saying are right and most people does the same mistake and goes for heavy loss…

not sure, but what’s sure is that many others faced losses initially trading as a beginner due to him and others likewise. :triumph:

but you were having profits as posted earlier isn’t it?

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Why trading sucks for the most. i.e for around 90% of the traders.

Only 10% of the traders reach 40th step mentioned in the below link and BECOME SUCCESSFUL. Remaining 90% drop off somewhere.

But why 90% fail:

Therefore as you travel through the 40 steps mentioned above, you will know whether u r part of 10% or 90%.

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yes @leodecaps , initially i am getting profits, but more losses,
as @newbietrader says, all my profits are wiped by losses, moreover while doing profitable trading, i am getting less profit, but in loss trades its going out in huge amounts…

without even clicking on that link i can say i am in 90% , but after seeing the 40 points i may try myself hard to come into 10 %

After losing few Ks in the market and after months of indicator searching, system searching, holy grail searching, AFL searching, secret searching, conspiracy theory searching, hiding spot searching to hide face, lies searching, soul searching and what not -
I finally came to the conclusion that - Trading is just a mind game.
You will find people losing everything in stock market - no matter what TF they use. They lose in Investment, in swing trading, in FA and in TA.
The problem is that - stock market has no equal and fix salary. Like each trader who sit in front of Screen will be paid **** amount each month! Right?
The basic premise here is that - 3% make BIG, 10% came out of it w/o losing anything but gaining a thrilling experience and entertainment.
These 3% makes it biggest because, those 97% lose big. For me to make 1 lakh PM, 10 others must lose 10k PM.

Lemme tell you a what I do whenever I test a new system -
Start with single share and trade. At the end of the day use Brokerage calculator to scale up the profits.
Then after a month of testing you can use GP or AP for scaling up.
Like with 1 lakh capital I can buy 9000 shares of SBIN - start with 1 share, then go by 1, 3, 30, 300, 900, 3000, 9000. etc. You can use any sequence you want.
After a hope up if you start losing then you are emotionally not set yet. Even if you are profitable and still fill pressure then you must hope down again.
I moved directly from 1 share to 30, felt uncomfortable, went down to 3, then to 300, came back down to 30 and so on.