Why invest in direct mutual funds on Coin?


Hi Bhuvanesh,

I Have visited Smallcase website.They Idea is cool. How much they charge when we purchase from small case?
Is it per transaction or a subscription like Coin (flat 50/month)?


Pay a flat one-time fee when you buy a smallcase
For all smallcases (except Select): Rs. 100 + GST (Rs. 18)
For Select smallcases: Rs. 200 + GST (Rs. 36)


I am completely new to mutual fund and so reached out to few brokers to help me to invest and taking complete financial advises. They service would be providing us complete knowledge on mutual fund and idea where to invest, providing online platform or Mobile app to track our investment and current NAV and finally providing us advises to switch to different funds based on the market situation by continuously tracking our funds. I would like to know if I invest in direct plans through coin will I get the same set of services.


No, they do not provide advisory. It is just a platform to buy direct mutual funds in Demat form. Though they provide a bucket of their chosen funds from each category (Equity, Debt & ELSS).


Investing from cams is 100% free.How it compares with Coin ?
Few differences:

  1. Camsonline is 100% free, Coin has 50 per month flat fee whether you buy/sell mf or not.
    2.cams has limited mutual funds for investment, Coin might have more. Like you cannot invest int Reliance MF or Axis MF on cams per my knowledge.
    3.Cams - all transactions require logon to bank account. Coin- You have to add money to zerodha first and then pay.
  2. Cams- You can invest into both direct and regular funds. You can convert existing regular mf into direct mf. Coin - Investment only in direct mf. Not sure about converting regular to direct mf is available.
  3. Cams- no DP charges as mf units are not in demat . Coin - DP charges Rs 5.5 per transaction as mf units are in demat.

Overall cams provide limited mf investment at the moment but free of cost. Coin has probably more mf listed for investment with 600 per year fee.

Hope that answers your question.


Coin - Investment only in direct mf. Not sure about converting regular to direct mf is available
coin have both direct and regular but cannot convert to direct


Can we pledge MF portfolio on coin? Would you be giving margin for collateral for trading F&O?


Will start soon.


Hi @siva Any update on pledge of MF?


We are working on bunch of few new things and this is one among those but will take some more time.