Why is ICICI Prudential OFS not live on Zerodha Console?

Why is ICICI Prudential OFS not live on Zerodha Console? OFS is happening today and tomorrow.

Orders above Rs. 2 lakhs are considered as Non Institutional Investor (NII) category orders [non-retail]. Since all clients of Zerodha are retail clients, the order window will be opened today after 3.30 pm.


The order acceptance period & other details of the OFS like Floor price (Minimum Bid Price), Max allowed quantity per investor, Max allowed investment per investor, Allocation Methodology etc. can be found on the Zerodha Bulletin .
The window for retail investors for OFS opens at 3:30 PM on T-day and accepts orders till 2:30 PM on T+1 day.

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Thanks Yash.

I see this text in the support section:

Zerodha will not be funding your OFS Purchase. However, if your account results in a debit for any reason, post allotment of OFS, interest at the rate of 0.05% will be charged on the debit balance

What does this mean? I presumed that on successful allotment, money would be reduced from the ledger balance. Is it not so? :thinking:

Answering my own question - Yes, the amount was indeed reduced from the ledger balance.