Why is itm put options cheaper?

Nifty @ 8105 8500 PE trading at 368. Where is time value in it ? Its not LTP, tight bid/ ask price available.

Am i missing something ?

Just checked, Nifty @ 8089, 8500PE @ 381…the option should be at least 411, clearly time value is not factored in :slight_smile:

How can one take benefit from it ? Kindly help… Thanks.

You could buy the option, but considering expiry is next week the option may not actually plug the time value gap…meaning…on one hand the option will be losing money on Time Value and on the other hand the option tries to get valued to fair value…eventually staying where it is. But having said that, if I were to trade on it, I’d buy.

thanks. wil just observe it :slight_smile: