Why is lot size editable in Zerodha (and majority of brokers)?

Fut trade have to be taken in lots if lot size is say 600 I cant trade 601 I have to trade in multiple of 600 only like 600, 1200, 1800 etc

So why this lot size is editable in qty field? we should get to write how many lots thats all. The multiplier like 1 means 600, 2 means 1200 etc…

600 is the lot size and not the number of lots. If you want to trade 2 lots, then you have to enter the quantity as 1200.

For ex, lot size for Infy is 600. If you want to trade 2 lots, then make qty 1200. 3 lots then 1800.

1 lot


2 lots


3 lots


if you want simply lot size multiplier, in place of entering manually, click the arrows against the quantity column,
it will increase / decrease as per lot size.