Why is nest trader is freezing at times and then coming in a single burst after a few seconds?

for sometime i have been having an issue of the nest trader freezing and then streaming in bursts. this leads to problems for placing orders etc. i am enclosing a video which shows the nest trader of another broker which is functioning just fine at the same time. can your team help me out in this

i would have used PI but for the fact that the colour for the quotes is a very light green and my eyes start aching after an hour of looking at it. (no option to change colour) and also there is no option to have multiple watchlists which i require for certain reasons.

kindly look into this and give me a solution for this issue. i also am unable to install nest plus on the programme.

My guess is that it will be happening because of intermittent internet connectivity. Best you send such queries to [email protected]