Why is there no cover order facility in the commodity segment?

I think MCX is providing CO facility. I know a broker providing CO.

It’s just that CO has to be enabled from the broker, after getting approval from the regulators.


MCX [Commodity Exchange in India] does allow cover orders. You may want to get in touch with your broker and ask him to provide you the facility to place cover orders.

CO is provided by one of the brokers. Here is proof :)


For all those wondering what is cover orders, it is a kind of order where you get extra leverage because you are asked to compulsorily put  a SL. Cover orders is a term coined by Omnesys and is available with brokers who provide the NEST trading platform.

For more on cover orders

This type of order could have different names based on whatever platform you are using (NEST, ODIN, Tradetiger, etc), but the last I spoke to Omnesys, they told me that it is not approved for trading on MCX. 

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