Why JustDial Futures 1.5% less than cash?

Hello everyone,

JustDial does not have any dividend coming up. Then why is the futures price so much lower than cash
Can someone kindly explain please.

the above is an old thread on just dial scene !
ALSO observe CUMMINS September 2019 future .

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Thank you for the reply @sabkaview.
I just checked and found that after this post (on 13 oct 2015), justdial crashed that expiry. It is a very similar thing today also. Cash @683, Aug Fut @673 and Sep Fut @649.

btw, Cummins Fut is just 0.1% lower than cash, but at least the stock is behaving accordingly (going down). But Justdial futures trading at 1-2% discount for 3 days and mostly going up only!