Why market pulis falling today

Why market is falling today too sharply ?
And what you gyz think when the market start bull run again ?

Because many people have started selling their shares.

When many people start buying shares, again.

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wow @ZeroIndian, that explains it. No one should have a question on this now :smiley:

sir i know that
i just want to ask cause of heavy selling stocks

1st cause is covid 2nd wave and another reason Is the rise in US bond yields. as foreign institution and pros haven’t sold any stake so it’s the sentiment of retail traders which is creating a little downtrend.

dude, there are many trolls here. SO dont expect your queries being answered politely. To your question, please try and go through some of the market warp / pre market podcasts on a daily basis to have an overview of whats going on in the market. All Major business news portals have got a podcast nowadays, some are paid some are free.

thanks sir
it helps me to understand the reason

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sir you answered my question politely so i can expect now :grinning:
thank you

a positive thinker afterall, :smiley: good on ya mate!

yaa have a good day sir :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glad to have been of help!

This I don’t know!

well, well! are you always this helpful? or is this some special occasion like ‘happy birthday’ or ‘makar sankranthi’?!

Why do you ask?

I’m so touched by your extraordinary level of “helpfulness”. Couldn’t help but ask whats your motivation to help people to this level…!

Ah OK. So your reasons for asking are irrelevant for this thread/board.

not as irrelevant as your glorious response I guess!

I am not sure why are fixated on me, but since you made it clear that your reasons are of no relevance to the post/board, this is the last that you will hear from me on this matter. Have a great weekend!

Thats all i wanted anyway. stop trolling, get a life! good luck