Why markets are down? Will it be a hanging parliment this time?

i have got a question…exit poll results will be out from 12th may evening. But already they would have got data…they will announce it to public only after 12th…but big shots might have got to know…rit…

Is that the reason market is going down? If you look at market performance in the past 2 weeks…its almost down and no big upside movement happened…does it indicate anything? Any views?

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Hey Willam, I don’t think anyone is gonna hang the parliament.

However, if an absolute majority is not obtained by a single national party despite all their coalitions, then the parliament could be ‘hung’.

Coming back to markets - yes exit poll results are going to be out on 12th. Historically exit polls have always pointed towards the wrong direction. The reason for this simple…exit polls are conducted by sampling the opinion of a relatively small group of people. There is no way you can extrapolate this information and infer a national opinion.

Most importantly in the backdrop of the election fever, people are forgetting the fact that companies are reporting earnings. The numbers are not exciting hence the markets are showing some amount of weakness.

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I agree exit polls are conducted with a small group of ppl. But in past two elections, opinion polls went wrong but polls were somewhat closer to the actual results…