Why more money is blocked as margin than the max. Loss?

I have checked using span calculator and found that you will block more margin than the loss expected. Why?

Suppose for xyz stock, I buy 1480CE 1000 quantity And sell 1460CE 1000 quantity, in this case the maximum loss for me will be 20k rupees but zerodha is blocking 2 lakh rupees.
I don’t understand. Someone please explain.

I have read the other link. What if I assure you that I won’t be trading them until expiry? Or you can lock/prevent me from selling my buy order, so that loss doesnt go more than 20k rupees. That time the margin can be blocked only 20k. There will be no risk. How about it?

These margin requirements are as per exchange rules, nothing which is in our control. There is no way that you can assure us, or we can assure the exchange.