Why Multiple Orders for BO & COs?


Kindly let me know when we’re placing Cover Order or Bracket Order for 100 Qty - Why does it executes 8 to 10 buy orders instead of just 1?

And since it executes 8 to 10 orders? Am I paying same brokerage i.e. 20 Rs. OR 20 * x (x being no of orders executed to buy)


20 INR or lower on each leg of the Bracket Order executed.

In your case, 20 INR or lower on each of the 8 -10 orders.

But that beats the purpose to some extent as our Profit will be reduced by 300 INR given we have 8 orders for buy and another 8 for sell.

So if we buy / sell 100 qty as whole we pay 40 INR brokerage plus tax. But with BO brokerage will become 320 and taxes will increase as well.