Why my SL-L Order get sold at trigger price? Isn't it supposed to get hit at the Limit Price?

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Hello Trader,

Stop loss sell orders are intended to placed when you have open long position and want to reduce your loss if the price falls down.

It was initially designed on the concept you buy first and sell later.

A stop loss order sell works on the logic higher selling price the better.

In your case you were better of selling at 3782 than the lower 3780

If no one is available to buy your share at 3782 at the point, the computer would set 3780 as your limit price.

When there is a sudden drop in price, say 3775, it will wait for someone to buy at 3780 to close off your position.

Hope this simplifies the concept.

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Trigger price = 3782
Limit Price = 3780
But my SL Order got hit at the trigger price itself? Why is it so? Isn’t it supposed to hit at 3780?

Thanks for explaining in detail I guess then that no one was available at 3780 to buy hence it got sold at 3782.

Think it this way, the exchange knew that someone was willing to pay you a higher price of 3782 , than the 3780 you offered to sell.
The exchange has found this better deal for you,
Once in a while, we think the exchange fees they charge are worth paying.