Why nifty 29th Aug F&O not showing on search


NIFTY contracts for 29th Aug not showing on zerodha kite web and mobile.



it will be like this


nifty 29th Aug 11200 CE
nifty 29th Aug 11000 PE

It will be like this and it’s now showing. Check NSE website.

P.S. I’m here talking about weekly contracts.


29th August is the monthly expiry contract. So it will just show NIFTY AUG 12000 CE


@Ragavendran_M, ok got it. But IMO, it should show according to weekly contracts. It’s confusing as I need to verify the monthly contract with NSE website.
Like it’s showing contract for 14th, 22nd and 5th Sept, it must show 29th Aug also with date.