Why Nifty Futures OI decreased by 800,000 (approx) without any such volumes?

On 2nd Dec, there was decrease of OI of Nifty Futures from 23 million shares to 22.1 million shares At 02.45 PM. But there was no volumes for the same. I asked Global Data feed, they said it is as per exchange. That didn't help me at all.

  1. Any errors in data ( I don't think so)?
  2. Was it a kind of block trade or OTC trade?
  3. Any other exchange mechanism that I'm unaware of?


Hmm… Looks like it is a case of bad data. There is no OTC trade on Indian exchanges, everything happens on the exchange.

R u observing the same on higher timeframe(5min,15min) bar too?

Ya. Its the same in 1 min, 5 min and 10 min charts.
But the volume is only around 2 lacs odd even in 10 Min charts. OI updates every 3 min, as I understand.
My point is there is, there is no volume for 800,000 reduction in OI.
There is some catch in this. I don’t know what exactly is that.