Why no option for reduced charges on coin as annual subscription?

so there are large number of users who wants zerodha to increase the 25000 limit on coin.on the other hand zerodha’s argument is that they have build a fairly better platform than others so 59 rs. is just nothing for it.and they will surely increase it in coming days as the user base increase.my question is that why don’t they provide a option for paying the charges on annual basis and slightly less from monthly charges.i have four zerodha account in family and not all of us invest equally in mf.so if i am just investing in one fund and total sip comes around 40000 annual and there is no return on it or negative return on it than how can i pay 720 rs. to zerodha.and this is case in 3 out of my 4 account.a person holding debt fund around 10 lakh and paying 720 seems easy on the other hand.so many users want to leave coin just because of this situation.so please think about the option of providing coin charges on annual basis.just like other services of zerodha just have the same for coin.400 plus taxes can be the sweet spot where so many users would not mind to pay.anyone have a similar view please add your comments.

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Hi @acche-din,

I was trying to figure out how you got the ₹720 figure and I hope I got this right. You rounded off ₹59 to ₹60 and then multiplied by 12.
In the case where your investment has reached ₹40,000 annually, let us assume you invested ₹3,300 per month, and you have not invested in direct mutual funds through Coin as of now. In this scenario you can invest for free for till your invested amount reaches ₹25k, i.e.7 months, you will be charged the eighth month on, so for the first year you pay ₹59*4 approximately ₹236.

Now coming to the benefit of going direct I hope you do know about expense ratio and how it eats into your returns.


wow,the same explanation of things which i didn’t ask.answer the main and real question.

can you tag someone from zerodha who could reply about my question?


Currently there are no plans to change this subscription fee structure. If there is any changes. You will be notified.



We are pondering over the idea of an annual subscription plan and might implement it in the future. Also, I guess just a reduction in Rs 200 wouldnt really have a huge impact on the savings :slight_smile: If you are able to invest more than Rs 40000 then an annual fee of Rs 720 is quite economical. Our subscription charges are nominal and less complicated than other direct mutual funds platforms out there. So, like @lindo mentioned earlier if its a small time investor then he wont be charged anyways if he doesnt cross Rs 25000.

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