Why not zerodha start vedio series for biggners and pro traders aswell?

the problem with new traders are lack of knowledge and resorces people come to market but fail becauce no one here to guide .why not brokers help them to learn first place .varsity i know good iniciative but not enough .there is no strategies part there .traning institutes charging alot …but zerodha can hire pro traders of this market to teach there costomers end of the broker also earn …and traders too…@nithin

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I am also looking forward to video tutorials plz

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In education you study for whole year and write exams. In trading you do opposite. Start trading from day one and make losses and then start learning.

Read Varsity only after that start trading.

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Dear Deepak,

We at Zerodha have uploaded a series of videos on how to use our platforms and products on our youtube channel.
You can find them on the following link:

Also we do have live webinars that happen on trading days at 2.30 pm and 6.30 pm. You can follow the link below:

To learn about how the markets work you can follow Varsity on the following link:

You already know about tradingqna, where you have posted this query!

Happy trading!