Why only CDSL? Why not NSDL?

Just out of curiosity, why every discount broker open a CDSL account?
Why do they hate NSDL?
What did NSDL do to get so much hate?

No one?

i assume (of course without any proofs) that cdsl might have lower transaction and maintenance charges compared to nsdl, which could be significant for discount brokers. they might be more adaptable and easier to integrate with the technological infrastructure of modern, tech-driven brokers. maybe cdsl has a better market perception and history. they might have a strong presence among retail investors, and since discount brokers cater mainly to retail clients, they may find cdsl’s services more aligned with their customer base. there might also be a preference among clients for cdsl accounts due to familiarity or past experiences. brokers often go with what their clients are comfortable with.

i’m not sure if there could be better reasons/ maybe maybe not.

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CDSL was first to introduce TPIN based authentication. It was paper slips previously or PoA

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