Why sensibull not allowing buy options

Sensibull is citing reason blocked due to restrictions from exchange, but at the same time kite is allowing to buy the same option. What is happening, how to trade when everything you do is rejected by the system.


You can raise a ticket on the sensibull platform to report the issue

Click here

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Thanx fr making me write a whole paragraph at the link provided, only to be not accepted by them. Attaching screenshot.
Today my buy order was not allowed showing restrictions from exchange as reason, but at the same time I placed that order in kite and it was accepted. Not able to understand how someone will be able to trade this way. Option was Banknifty 34700 PE and 10.09 am. Kindly note I have orbis account via zerodha.”

I usually send them an email [email protected]

Thanx fr the sake of whatever is left of trading community, I will do this too. Sending a mail now.

I’m also zerodha orbis user.

I also get the same message showing your not allowed to buy because of restriction by exchange but u can place the order it will get executed .

That message is usually show to all zerodha users but it don’t know if ur logged in through orbis.

As rest of the users of zerodha have restriction to strike prices it pop up message like that .

You can ignore that and trade like normal.

Lucky bhai thanku for the reply, I was actually seeking to know if order would still get filled.
But one question bro, it doesn’t give option of buy all at the same time(market price). But I guess something is better than nothing so thanx fr letting me know.