Why should one have gold in the portfolio?

If it’s correct, why should there be gold in the portfolio?

TLDR; what is he trying to tell in the video?

Feroze Aziz of Anand Rathi in interviews used to say investing in Gold is not advisable as it is a non productive asset. However the price movement that Gold has seen in India is due to INR currency depreciation against USD.
Gold is linked to USD.

Someone else (forgot who it was, as these were two year old video) had mentioned that if u want to hedge against USD, Gold is a good investment. He went on to say that if u are planning children education in future to send them to usa, then investing a small portion in Gold would be great as it would offset the currency depreciation

Disc: these are view of experts few years ago. Not sure they are relevant now. Tried to search for the video but could not find them

In this age of electronics where gold is used extensively (coating, wire bonding etc) the demand is only going to increase. Over the last decade or so the electronic industry has shifted massively from using harmful elements like lead and used ROHS graded components. This has increased the consumption of gold in addition to general uptrend in electronic devices.

I doubt whether the supply can match up with the demand. So price is likely to go up.