Why should one invest in Stock Market? People say its the place to loose money?


People should definitely invest in stock markets. And those who say its a place to loose money - I suppose they are referring to traders, not Investors. If you have a long term view then stock markets is certainly a place to be in simply because unlike the other asset classes it gives you an opportunity to hedge when the trend is bearish.

Adding to this - when people invest in markets, they are sending a message that they believe in the country’s economy. As a common man, we all want save money for our future and as we do that we also want returns on the money rather than let it lay idle. Hence in India we generally would invest in property or gold or finance the money or FDs…etc. Cause thats been the trend and has given dividends too. However when we invest in stock, we are not only helping companys to grow but also helping the economy to grow.

Hence if you are a patriot then I would suggest you invest in the markets and show the world that you believe in the growth potential of your country. I don’t mean everyone should get carried away and start investing in any / every company, however a constructive approach towards investing in the stock markets is good :slight_smile:


Trading in futures and options is more like gambling to make you loose money and let your broker buy expensive holidays, Cars, homes, etc.

In the end you are going to loose money if you speculate on these instruments.

The charts, Indicators are just forecasting tools for your wishful thinking.

Try investing for long term in companies with good fundamentals.


Despite all what you have heard on about the stock market, it’s a good place to invest. Many people make a good income by investing in the market. There are no secrets of the getting rich and famous; no secret or passwords to make easy income in the market. There is nothing between you and successful investing, but some hard work and understanding the basic rules of the market is essential to get better profit in the market.