Why should we stick with Zerodha?

This will come soon.

These things don’t help at all, unfortunately our lawmakers do not listen to the citizens for whom the law is made. I’ve signed anyway.

Agile is a better word :slight_smile: challenges/business threats will only make you even stronger!

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This is going to get you lot of DMs :slight_smile:

the catch is to stay in the game without blowing the business

Many people will really stay on Zerodha because for many it’s really best of the best and that’s damn it no matter how do you put that. Price increase may scare of some people but I do not think that so much will run anyway.

Varun, Does IB provide margin against shares pledged for writing options?

Yes. They do.

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The biggest problem with IB right now is the Open and Close data is almost always wrong, I’ve raised the complaint a year back and they said they don’t receive those numbers from the exchange, weird but true. Their margin is exactly 25% higher than NRML (they might change that come the new margin rules), and they do not have BSE or MCX license. Their platform is excellent though, especially multi-leg orders. Basically they are not serious in India, they are here mostly for their prop desk, look at their balance sheets for India.

You guys talking about stability of other brokers with few thousand clients :stuck_out_tongue:

We can talk about stability only when they have few 1000’s of orders placed in a second.

As far as I know , ICICIdirect claims that there was 0 down time in past 5 years, which is 2nd largest broker.

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Zerodha want to come monthly plan , like 5 paisa, in 5 paisa monthly plantinum subscrition is 500 , and per lot they charge 2 rupees , this one is for active trader , zerodha want to consider for active trader some subscrition plan
any news about that @siva. @nithin


When one of senior guy tells me can you open a Zerodha account for my wife, I said why? He said, it’s easy to use. Simple line but extremely powerful.

Guys, keep reminding yourself Zerodha is not a broker only, it’s largely a fintech company. As long as it continues to produces user friendly apps and systems which solves our pains and problems they will continue to soar. But bigger question is if they soar who is benefiting? Well the founders have managed to break the illegal cohorts of past and unbundle the services , they just opened door for everyone to participate in capital markets. Democratising an idea will invite more people, create more capital…lets celebrate success of zerodha.


No fixed brokerage plans, fixed brokerage plans in shallow participation market like ours is not a sustainable model, any decision should be taken not based on short term goals of management but based on sustainability and survivability of business in the long run. I am not sure if businesses doing fixed plans are actually generating any considerable profits. Businesses should make profits in order to innovate and deploy capital on technology.


Yes, I guess they were planning this like a music streaming services where a lot of people pay and not everyone listens, so the person who listens less subsidizes the cost of people who listen a lot. I don’t think same can be replicated in trading, people are more educated and calculative in this industry for obvious reasons.

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Also, in the business of trading, the broker is taking a risk on every trade (as most trades are leveraged and client can lose much more than the money in the account). More trades means more risk, so a flat monthly type of fees doesn’t make any sense.


Varun, IB specifically confirmed that they DO NOT offer margin against shares pledged to Indian residents.

anil, back until 2016, they provided pledging option for option selling alone and I used it. maybe now after karvy fiasco, they must have stopped. sorry for wrong info.