Why some stocks don't have any offer orders


why I cant see any offer orders? How can we buy and sell these stocks when there are no offers?

These stocks have hit Upper Circuit, this happens when there is an imbalance between Buyers and Sellers, this is a result of some positive news in stock when there is positive news everyone expects the price to go up and there is sudden buying interest while nobody wants to sell and as a result there is imbalance and stock hits Upper Circuit.

Well, it’s very hard to buy such stocks as there are plenty of interested buyers but very few sellers. Also, it is better to stay away from such stocks as if and when the euphoria dies down these stocks will start hitting Lower Circuit, at that time there will be plenty of sellers while very few buyers, as a result getting out will be really hard.

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@ShubhS9 Is the upper and lower circuit limit predefined for stocks ? just like there is 10% circuit for nifty50 ?

Yes the circuit limit’s are predefined.